Extensive urban growth over the last few decades has had a significant impact on habitat that birds and other wildlife once called home. You, as a homeowner, have a unique opportunity to curtail this loss of habitat by creating your own backyard wildlife sanctuary.

NatureScaping of Southwest Washington is a non-profit, all volunteer, educational organization whose goal is to educate and encourage homeowners to make their yards and gardens a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife.

Membership above the $20 level will support maintaining the gardens fencing, irrigation, educational materials and more.

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Photos on this site taken at the Wildlife Botanical Gardens by nature photographer Terry Covington.

The Wildlife Botanical Gardens in Brush Prairie...

The Wildlife Botanical Gardens are a cohesive blend of specialty theme gardens, spread over three acres in Southwest Washington. The gardens, and devoted gardeners, demonstrate and teach gardening concepts that attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife to residential gardens. Come visit the Wildlife Botanical Gardens year-round and enjoy the unique beauty each season has to offer!

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July 15th, 2017
Restoring our Environment
Interested in stream and habitat restoration? Come learn about what you can do to reverse damage to natural habitat, prevent erosion, help with flood control, improve streambank stability and preserve the value of your land. All of this while creating a beautiful natural space to enjoy for years to come. Read more
August 19, 2017
Lasagna Gardening Workshop
Join us and learn an easy, frugal and quick method of creating a raised garden bed you assemble from scratch with organic materials readily available. No tilling or turning required! Don't worry if your soil is clay, rock, sand, grass or weeds - this method goes right over the top of (just about) anything. The classroom portion will include the basics of how it works, what materials to gather and answer typical questions. We’ll put our knowledge to work in the hands-on portion where you and your classmates will build and plant a lasagna garden bed in the Wildlife Botanical Gardens newest "Rain Garden". Read more

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September Plant, Seed and Bulb Swap— Start potting up your excess plants and save your surplus seeds/bulbs and trade them in for new specimens

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